Is your business secured in the case of ecological collapse? Or are you unsure? 

Oslo Apiary & Aviary is a dark-ecological tools, goods and service provider.
We work in the overlap between art and ecosystemic change, specializing in urban husbandry; 
Feeding birds, growing worms, keeping bees, tending trees.

A consistent activity throughout our work is the inspection of how the domains ‘urbanity-nature’
and  ‘private-public are expressed and separated: By tending plants, birds and insects in the city,
we question what types of life belongs where. By subjugating ourselves to urban husbandry, we revitalize
mutually dependent modes of being. Our entanglement allows for moments of enlivenment in a time
of atomizing  individuation. We are in this together. Through our embedded practice we try to get a sense
of the city’s ontology - how the post-sustainable city is constituted and can, or can’t, be reconstituted.

Currently, 'can't'’ is in the lead, gothifying our practice. Drawing on strategies traditionally associated
with the double-roled artist, we find ourselves simultaneously planting trees as well as branching out
into survivalist prepping. An entrepreneurial doomsday cult for hire, toiling in the ruins of humancentrism.

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