Oslo Apiary & Aviary performs – TRACING THE FJORD

Skjermbilde 2016-06-08 kl. 23.16.08June 7, Oslo Apiary & Aviary will contribute to the event The Land is Beautiful, The Sky is Beautiful, When Will they Meet?, with a performative walk.

Oslo Apiary & Aviary´s contribution will be a three-day walk where we transport animals along the shoreline. We will digitally trace the resulting drift and make a publicly available map.

Our performance Tracing the Fjord will be presented and disseminated at Oslo Flaneur Festival on June 23.

Other contributors to the Future Farmers led procession, will be Marianne Reusch, Øyvind Egeland, Camilla Lanton, Cecilie Dawes og Caroline Hargreaves


Thank you for coming ❂╮