Oslo Apiary & Aviary presents: NORTHERN BUMBLING

Oslo Apiary & Aviary is proud to announce ‘Northern Bumbling‘, a joint Nordic Art, Design, and Research Project between Thomas Pausz (Iceland), Erik Sjödin (Sweden) and Marius Presterud (Norway).

The network focuses on humans precarious relationships with other species, in particular in the Nordic region. Through the combined efforts of the participants art, research, and design practices, the network wishes to explicate current states of affairs, and explore ways of multi-species living in cold climates, for futures that alternates from the bumbling present.

The Northern Bumbling network, and the individual work of the participants in the project, is supported in part by the Nordisk kulturkontakt, Nordic Culture Point and the Swedish-Icelandic Co-operation Fund, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, and Kulturrådet

Untitled-1Links to previous gatherings in Reykjavik and Stockholm, 2017

Next gathering will be in in Oslo, Aug 4, 2017

SS NAH 1Presenting NATURE AS HISTORY, Oslo Apiary & Aviary work in progress

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