Tracing the Fjord (2016)

Flatbread Society, Losæter / Oslo -> Henie Onstad Art Center, Bærum

A three day psychogeographic drift along the fjord, carrying with us a live beehive for our final destiny. Along the 60km long trek,
we mapped what was left of the freedom to roam (Allemannsretten).

Performance documentation in the form of a short-film,
and digital- and physical map.

The performance was a contribution to Futurefarmers (USA/BE)
The Land is Beautiful, The Sky is Beautiful, When Will they Meet? (2016),
a part of  Nikolai Astrup – Norwegian Landscapes, Henie Onstad
Art Center.

Photo-documentation by courtecy of Stijn Schiffeleers (BE)
Editing by courtecy of Rebekka Handeland (NO)
Traditional painting by courtecy of Lise Nilsen (NO)


Tracing the Fjord (2016) 

Bee-hive, linseed-oiltreated wood, wrought iron, acryllic paint,

Tracing the Fjord (short-film)

Documentation by Stijn Schiffeleers. Editing by Rebekka Handeland

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