Man Falls (2019)

HER Studios, Berlin (Aug)
and Khartoum Art Center, Oslo (Oct)

Mixed media installation and visceral happening, using a story of geological movements to talk about dying worlds.

Video-installation incorporating a live thermal-cam feed from the falling mountain ‘Mannen’, in the Rauma municipality, Norway. A grave-mead
(braggot) sold with a series of functional ceramic sculptures inspired by  hand-crushing honeycomb. The destruction and destillation of a wax relief, to be consumed in a counter-trancendental grounding ceremony.

Vernissage Scent Conversation by Chaveli Sifre (Berlin Scent Club).

Hosted by Lose Ties’ event and publication series.

Photo-documentation by the courtecy of HER Studios and the artist

  Man Falls (2019)

Mixed media installation

Counter-Trancendental Grounding Ceremony